Fund raising

One of the main problems faced by entrepreneurs is a financing problem. For a successful business just good ideas or activities carried out successfully are not enough. For implementation of a good idea or development of activities sphere, investments are necessary. Often, in such situations, a financing from external financing funds help.

In order to receive funding, it is essential to be able to communicate the planned development and expansion opportunities and activities targeted to identify the most appropriate funding source. Business ideas, opportunities, funding sources are described in investment, business plans, which are presented to banks, venture capital investors, foundations, credit unions, “Investment and Business Guarantees (INVEGA guarantee application), private investors (companies, natural persons), etc., in presenting applications for financing.

Business and investment plans are developed to achieve the following objectives:

  • to get a loan
  • to attract investors
  • new ideas for modeling
  • to receive the EU support
  • to gain the status of a social enterprise, etc.

Upon request of a client, the specialists of our company will participate in meetings with the bank or other financial institution in the negotiations on financing conditions, will fill in application forms and will help to prepare other documents required for funding.

An investment or business plan is not just a tool to obtain financing. It enables to:

  • identify strategic business decisions in an early phase
  • provide guidelines for the development and expansion

Investment and business plans are prepared according to the nature of a company, considering the extent of business and its specifics. Upon request of a client, our specialists can assess the market value of a business.