MB “REPIA” provides all accounting services for small and medium enterprises from primary documents to financial statements in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • Issue and registration of the sale and purchase documents;
  • Issue and registration of cash documents;
  • Registration of advance account;
  • Registration of bank documents;
  • Fixed assets accounting;
  • Inventory accounting;
  • Fuel accounting;
  • Debt accounting;
  • Consulting and representing the client during the audit;
  • Salary calculation and registration;
  • Calculation and registration of taxes;
  • Preparation of bank payments;
  • Preparation of the internal company’s documentation;
  • Organization of VAT refunds, processing of necessary documents;
  • Preparation and submission of declarations to the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI), State Social Insurance (SODRA), Centre of Registers;
  • Personnel accounting (preparation of employment contracts, orders, certificates, etc.);
  • Reporting to the management;
  • Filling in the Intrastat reports;
  • Filling in the citizen income declarations.

We additionally provide the following financial services:

  • Accountant representing the company;
  • Management of neglect financial accounting;
  • Renting a Chief Accountant.